High Bay 3 Platforms

By February 1, 2017AEROSPACE


NASA Infrastructure Conversion for the SLS Program


2013 – 2017


Vehicle Assembly Building, KSC


In order to support the SLS Launch Vehicle operations in the facility, new infrastructure was required.  The effort was complex due to the enormity of the VAB and a wide variety of load combinations.  As structural lead, my responsibility was for directing the efforts of the structural team in development, design, and construction administration.  The engineering effort for the framing maximized the existing potential of the structure built in the 1960s and enhanced or reinforced as necessary.  The new infrastructure engineering effort was mainly focused on the ten new platforms.  Each platform needed to suit the present needs of the SLS program as well as providing the capability to readily adapt the ten platforms for future launch vehicle designs.  The project was staffed with a dynamic group of dedicated and resourceful engineers.  It was an honor to lead them.

An in-depth presentation of the VAB Platform project is available on the Space Congress 2018 website.  See the link below.


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