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“My experience is a distinct advantage.”


A brief history

On August 1, 2017, James Balmer began offering professional structural engineering services. The services provided are conceptual, analytic, design, and construction support. Mr. Balmer’s engineering background has its foundation in aerospace infrastructure. He has provided the aforementioned services for the launch providers at Cape Canaveral Air Station as well as Kennedy Space Center. His experience with the unique design demands of launch environments lent itself to readily support the design needs of the theme parks in the Central Florida area. Presently, his clientèle are based in the aerospace, entertainment, research, commercial, and industrial arenas.


James A. Balmer

Mr. Balmer graduated from the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering with Structural Emphasis. He started his engineering career working as a field engineer with the Alabama Department of Transportation on the 24th Street Bridge Replacement Project in Downtown Birmingham. From here, Mr. Balmer relocated to Central Florida to support Johnson Controls World Services on structural infrastructure projects at Cape Canaveral Air Station. His efforts there supported the facility needs of the Atlas, Titan, and Delta programs.

Later, he joined the Lockheed Martin's engineering support group to provide launchpad and launch tower efforts. In this capacity, he worked on flame trench and flame bucket refurbishment for SLC 36A and 36B. This work was unique in regard to blast and thermal loadings. Mitigating their effects was accomplished using refractory concrete.

At the close of the Titan program, Mr. Balmer moved to Law Engineering in support of the analytic and design needs of the Central Florida area theme parks. These efforts were challenging. The theme park creative artists develop architectural and structural requirements to give life to their imagination. Mr. Balmer's experience with the unique and curious designs necessitated by launch environments was a ready match.

After completion of major efforts in Orlando, Mr. Balmer heeded the call to return to the Aerospace industry. At Reynolds, Smith and Hills (RS&H), James worked in support of NASA's Ares I program as well as the Space Launch System (SLS) program. More in-depth descriptions are provided in the project profiles.

The company values of Mr. Balmer's private practice are best established by the Engineer's Creed.

Engineer's Creed - Code of Ethics

As a Professional Engineer, I dedicate my professional knowledge and skill to the advancement and betterment of human welfare.

I pledge:
To give the utmost of performance;
To participate in none but honest enterprise;
To live and work according to the laws of man and the highest standards of professional conduct;
To place service before profit, the honor and standing of the profession before personal advantage, and the
public welfare above all other considerations.

In humility and with need for Divine Guidance, I make this pledge.

Adopted by The National Society of Professional Engineers June 1954