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Often, the early stages of project development will set the tone for long term success.  My years of service in the structural design field bring a unique benefit to potential clients.  I have been involved in meeting the client’s needs based on standard approaches and I have been involved in meeting the client’s needs based on ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking.  I can quickly parse out what is solid and fruitful direction to pursue as opposed to what is intellectual vanity.
I provide traditional support using AISC and ACI design tables coupled with standard software packages for steel, aluminum, concrete, and masonry structures. I am able to provide more complex finite element analysis efforts as well that investigate nonlinear, cable, buckling, or pushover effects. In addition to conventional loadings such as gravity, wind, and seismic, I can accomodate time-history, response spectrum, thermal, cable pretension, and dynamic load investigations.
The structural design services offered are guided by the building codes and specifications in effect at the project location. Within those building codes, reference is made to the following standards for material design: Steel per AISC 360, concrete per ACI 318, and aluminum per the AA ADM. Specialty codes, such as NASA and KSC standards, are utilized for non-standard efforts. I have designed a significant body of effort in compliance with these standards and consequently, I am able to achieve the demands of tight schedules.
The structural design effort is a single component of any project that must integrate with the comprehensive needs of a project. Design success is rooted in the proper functioning of a cohesive team. I have been fortunate in having worked with people of varying abilities and varying temperaments. Consequently, I am a stronger and more patient person. I am able to serve as either project team member or a project team lead. I am comfortable and competent in either role.
In this area of service, I protect the client’s interests by maintaining design integrity, and fostering schedule adherence in the construction arena. Because construction activity engages a larger audience of players, character and temperament are key.
A good engineer possesses a strong sense of pride in their work. During construction, a skilled craftsman executing an engineer’s work will bring his own perspective. This perspective can sometimes be critical and sometimes supportive. If left unchecked, projects can become mired in frustration due to the contrasting perspectives among well-intentioned people.
A larger focus of my work in recent years was resolving questions and concerns between constructor and the client, while maintaining progression towards project completion. I am proud of the contribution I made in the construction environment towards that end. In the portfolio section of the website, more is presented on this front.

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